A Simple Life


I studied well in school, did my bit of sport, and studied hard some more to get a professional qualification. 4 years of social work, at the end of which I found my lovely wife at 26. We had a son a year later, Inayat (Grace in Hindi). Like most others around, my profession chose me, nevertheless I worked hard at it for 24 years. Unlike many we saved 25-50% of our income, and in-spite of severe losses during 2008, we were financially independent in 2017 at 51. Study and work hard, start a family early, save 50% of your income and find freedom at 51… recipe for a simple life, and blessings will come.

Now I begin the second chapter, free to find my life’s calling, giving full attention to health and experiencing joy and happiness like never before. So far it is travel, a bit of reading and simply chilling out… with His grace we will figure it out.

Follow my travels and explore the world with me.